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Happening This Week (November 13-17)

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday.

On Friday we had a chance to honour those that have served our country during our Remembrance Day Assembly. Some wonderful Tableaus were presented by our very own friends in Gr.7/8 drama. We also had a very busy week exploring quadrilaterals and the Cartesian Coordinate plane. We had our SWYK today, and will be looking at congruence and similarity as the week progresses. On Friday we will be having a SWYK on congruence and similarity. Please make use of the numerous resources available in your Workspace for extra practice and re-enforcement!

In Phys Ed this week we will be doing a combination of GLO's and trying out ringette. We had a great week of Table Tennis last week. Hopefully some of you touched base with Mr. Ferguson today about trying out for our team!

In History we continued to look at early relationships between the English, French, and First Nations in Eastern Canada. We will have an a…
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Happening this week (November 6-10)

I am so sorry I missed you last Sunday! I had my dad on loan to do some household tasks and had to make the most of it! What a week we just had! Your first Holy Trinity Spirit week. We kicked it off with Meme Monday, Halloween, Twin Day/Trinity Wear Day, Throw-Back Day, and finally Denim Day. We made a last minute rally for the cake auction and raised about $75.00 for our sister school in El Salvador. Way to go! We also represented well on Halloween. I am always impressed by the effort and creativity that go into your costumes! Wednesday we had a great day at the 67's game! The 67's didn't have as great a day, but we had a great time together and saw many of our friends on the Big Screen! On Thursday Progress Reports went home. Don't forget to book your spot for parent-teacher interviews!

This week we will be honouring our Veterans on Friday morning in a Remembrance Day Assembly. We will take the time to honour those who lost lives or loved ones, and those that contin…

Happening This Week (October 23-27)

I hope everyone got outside and enjoyed the wonderful weather we had all weekend! We were lucky to have had such beautiful weather all week for our outdoor soccer unit in Phys. Ed. We will be in Health for the next 2 weeks, in room N209.

In Math we will have our Order of Operations Show What You Know on Tuesday. Then we will be doing some activities to see what we remember about lines, angles, and triangles. Our Powers and Roots Show What You Know will be going home to get signed by mom or dad on Monday.

In History we will be continuing to look at the establishment of New France. Hopefully we will be getting into individual research projects by the end of the week.

This week we will be having our vaccination clinics beginning on Monday. It is very important that students bring back their consent forms on Monday! We will also be introduced to the Charity Cake Auction which takes place on Halloween!

Important Dates:
Monday October 23 - Wednesday October 25: vaccinations
Tuesday October…

Happening This Week (Oct.16 - 20)

Hope everyone took advantage of the rainy fall weather today and took the chance to read, work on a puzzle, or play a good old fashioned board game! Hopefully the weather will perk up this week for our outdoor soccer unit in Phys. Ed. Definitely bring a sweater/jacket so you are ready to brave the cool mornings.

In math we will have our SWYK on Monday. Everyone should have brought home their Factors SWYK and shared their assessment with their parents. On Tuesday we will be exploring the order of operations, or BEDMAS. A few students took advantage of lunchtime extra help last week. This is a great opportunity to get a little extra help and attention from a math teacher. Just bring your lunch and your questions, even a friend, and choose a day from Monday to Thursday!

In History we will be continuing to delve into the early years here in Canada.

Important Dates:

Tuesday October 17: School Photo Re-Take Day
Monday October 23 - Wednesday October 25: Grade 7 Immunization Days: Forms goin…

Happening This Week (October 10 - 13)

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I hope everyone is taking time to be with friends and family. I am extremely grateful for the many blessings I have in my life, including the opportunities that I have to teach and spend time with such a special group of students.

Last week was short but exciting. Homeroom 7-9 did an amazing job of fundraising for our Terry Fox Run/Walk. We will be recognizing their effort during homeroom this week ;) In spite of the rain, we ran and walked almost 10km! We then enjoyed a bbq and some pretty fantastic entertainment by our peers and even our teachers!

This week will be another short but busy one. In math we will be continuing to explore square roots and perfect squares, and will have an opportunity to show what we know on Thursday. We will be getting our Factors SWYK back on Monday, and bringing them home to be signed by mom or dad. In History we will be exploring some key events in early Canada, and looking at how different groups of people, as well as natur…

Happening This Week! (October 2 - 6)

We have a short but busy week ahead! We continue to collect money for the Terry Fox Run which takes place this coming Wednesday! The forecast is looking perfect for a day of celebration, starting with a run/walk through the neighbourhood, and finishing with a bbq and plenty of entertainment!

In math this week we will be exploring square roots and perfect squares. Check out your Workspace for videos and games that you can preview starting today. All activities are light blue.

In phys. ed we will be heading outside for the week to learn Flag Rugby. Bring a sweater for these chilly Fall mornings.

We won't have any history classes this week due to the Terry Fox Run on Wednesday and the PA Day on Friday. Thank-you for your participating in honouring every child by wearing Orange on Friday. If you have not handed in your hand, you can do that any day this week.

Looking forward to many exciting events this week, ending with a long weekend to spend time with friends and family!



Happening This Week (Sept. 25-29)

With temperatures like this, it's hard to believe we are heading into the last week of September! I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the sunshine this weekend.

Looking forward to reviewing our Multiples SWYK on Monday and Tuesday. We will explore what "mastery" looks like, and work on our math communication skills. This week we will also be continuing to explore factors and will be looking at primes and composites. We will most likely be finishing out the week with another SWYK. Don't forget extra math help is available at lunch Monday-Thursday, as posted throughout the hallways.

In Phys. Ed. we will be indoors honing our basketball skills, and in history I look forward to receiving your "Why Study History?" advertisements, that are due at the start of class on Weds.

Please remember our very important Terry Fox fundraiser as we head into the week. This cause is so important and it is one that touches each of us in some way, as you saw during last week&#…